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Exhibitions of international appeal, housed in the splendid Monastery Santa Giulia, Brescia is offering the visitor a serie of architectural attractions and archaeological sites, mainly merit of to his Lombard past. The characteristic streets that make up the heart of historical center, accompany you to the foot of the hill dominated by the Castle, medieval fortress, theatre of the X Days of 1849 against the Austrian reign. (Distance 35 km)

Famous worldwide for the beautiful Arena, which offers international concerts and performances each year, Verona is a city rich in art and culture. But Verona is not just history. The food and shopping are two strengths of the Italian city. The nearby Valpolicella offers beautiful wines like Amarone and Recioto, while the streets of downtown are full of exclusive shops suitable for all budgets. Finally, Verona is a city of love, thanks to the world's most famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet, made famous by the masterful pen of William Shakespeare. (Distance approximately 32 km)

The town of Gonzaga comes in all its glory. From the small and characteristic streets of the old town squares up to the gorgeous palaces. To mention the two most famous, Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Te. The first was the principal residence of the Gonzaga reign, Marquis and then for the dukes of Mantua. The second is famous worldwide for its architectural structure, designed by Giulio Romano. Among the many rooms inside you can admire the Hall of Giants, with a fresco depicting the battle between the Giants and Zeus. (Distance 60 km)

One city, two souls joined together. The lower town and uptown are compensated and compares to offer the tourist services and the rhythm of modernity with the addition of evocative architectural and historic atmosphere. In particular Bergamo is a real jewel to live especially in the evening. Characteristic evening bars, beautiful buildings, squares and a landscape of the lights and colors of the lower city that will welcome and enchant you. (Distance approximately XX km)